we are a very newly discovered osdd-1b system. the body is white and 18, as well as autistic + more. you can call us the "aurora system", we will all respond to the name ian and he/him or any of our neopronouns. we have very strong connections to snow, christmas, and the aurora borealis. our headspace is our hometown. we are currently self dx and seeking therapy. this carrd is mainly just for us or anyone curious. we also use the "vent" app a lot to talk so if you'd like to add us you can go to @supermarLo on there :)

tap a pic!

18 syshost robot catboy
transgay aroacespec he/xe/nya
almost always fronting :)
my carrd is here and im the one writing this carrd too! i handle most of the daily stuff so you'll probably be talking to me most of the time, i kin lots of characters like fluttershy, herb cookie, etc!

unknown age, above 18 he/xe transmasc and gay
he is the best alter (what who typed that) you can call him "jokes", he might be a cohost of some kind we have no idea LOL, he is an introject of lego joker (maybe? that's how he appears in the headspace) and he bounces off the walls batsh!t crazy when he fronts mostly! xe kins pinkie pie and can sometimes take the form of a pony!

14 he/him system "middle"
len is a potential ex-host and traumaholder, he was active from 2016-2018 mainly and he has recently started to front again. he gets scared very easy but he wants friends! he also kins tails (sonic)!

art they/ne i honestly dont know much about them aside from the fact ne is a protector, possibly a traumaholder of some kind they never really front and are ageless
ne is also an introject of artman from rebornica's pilot comic

jeremy, ageslider but mainly will be around 18, he/xe/it, trans and gay, persecutor and traumaholder. jere for short. he fronts kinda often and is a splitroject of (rebornica's) jeremy fitzgerald and (urano000's) mono . it can be pretty upset quite a bit and probably won't want to talk very much, but can talk if it really needs to. he runs a blog about the system's trauma, so if you wanna talk abt that you can ask!